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These sudden and unexpected changes have made it difficult for the aspirant to find a good source for practicing Logical reasoning questions for the LRDI section of CAT exam. It is very difficult to categorize the types of logical reasoning questions which appear in CAT. In addition to this, most high difficulty logical reasoning questions have textual solutions, which most aspirants find difficult to comprehend.

In this section, we have provided a few varieties of logical reasoning questions or puzzles for practice. All the reasoning sets here are in tune with the CAT exam.

These sets are of different types. Some are of the conventional type logical reasoning sets but have difficulty, while others are similar to the logical reasoning sets that you will find in the recent CAT papers. Since there is no standardized approach, we cannot define a method that applies to all kind of sets. Logical reasoning sets are like puzzles, which can be unique and might need an altogether new approach.

However, here are a few things that students must do before they attempt any logical reasoning and data interpretation set:. CAT Whatsapp Group. Join Now.Updated: Nov 16, I have already written a similar post for Quantitative Aptitude which you can check for your reference.

This post will share how a self-preparation book for LR can be used to prepare your mindset for an exam like CAT. Disclaimer - I am not endorsing this book, the views presented are my personal opinions and the suggestions can be deployed to other preparatory books as well.

How to Improve Logical Reasoning for CAT - CAT - Patrick Dsouza - 6 time CAT 100%iler

So, feel free to purchase any you wish to. I used the second edition of Arun Sharma's Logical Reasoning book:. This book is pretty basic in nature. I'd recommend this book to only an individual who:. Has never solved Logical Reasoning questions before. Wishes to understand the shortest approach to solving LR questions.

Is preparing for multiple exams including the Common Admission Test. In my personal opinion, this book is not for someone who is looking for an additional source of CAT level Logical Reasoning questions. This is because this book's main intention is to familiarize you with the LR basics, not to offer a repository of CAT type Logical Reasoning questions.

Does that mean this book cannot help a CAT aspirant? It can definitely help! Just like you cannot solve Quant questions without knowing the basic concepts and formulasyou cannot solve the CAT level Logical Reasoning sets if you aren't familiar with the tricks used for the different concepts of LR.

Now, these tricks can be found in Arun Sharma's book both in the Reaction Tracker explained ahead and the Detailed Solutions. What I meant to say earlier was that you shouldn't use this book if you already know such tricks due to your coaching or any other material or if you just need a question bank. Under this section, I will be sharing the components of the book and how to use them depending on your existing level of preparation. Reasoning for CAT.

This section of the book focuses only on CAT. Hence, the two parts under it - Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are both a part of the CAT syllabus and in the past, questions have been asked on the topics covered under this section.The logical reasoning section can be instrumental in improving the Common Admission Test CAT score of hard-working and determined students.

Logical reasoning might seem like a novel and daunting concept but the logical reasoning section is quite often present on a number of competitive examinations. How to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma will answer all your queries regarding the logical reasoning section. Now you might be feeling confident in your ability to successfully solve the quantitative aptitude and English language section but the logical reasoning section will act as the deciding factor.

The logical reasoning section is not just limited to the CAT exam it features in almost every other business management competitive examination and even in other competitive examinations. How to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT has been expertly divided into some 20 odd chapters, this book also contains quick and easy methods of solving logical reasoning problems.

How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT ?

How to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma has been written in a straight-forward and student-friendly manner. This handy and informative textbook has been split into two broad sections, to make it easier for the reader to learn and understand.

These forty chapters in this textbook are specially written to make the learning of new concepts easier for the reader. Some of the chapters listed under this section are as follows- completion of the incomplete pattern, paper folding and cutting, analytical reasoning, mirror images, cubes and dice, and many more.

101+ CAT Logical Reasoning Questions [LRDI] Sets with Solutions

Every chapter in this mammoth textbook starts with a detailed explanation of the concept being tackled. The explanation at the start of each chapter breaks down the concept to its bare bones. It further goes on to explain what type of questions the reader can expect when dealing with this section in an examination. How the reader is supposed to identify and make sense of these types of questions, then solve it accordingly.

The author also tells the reader as to what are the common mistakes made while attempting this section and how the reader can avoid them. After the explanation part of the chapter is done and over with, the next heading has a number of examples with step-by-step explanations. These are illustrative examples to better convey the logic behind the answers and how the reader can develop their reasoning ability. Most of these examples have been taken from previous competitive examination question papers.

The author uses a few solved examples to elaborate on the logical and analytical reasoning concept.

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But each chapter has two to three dedicated practice exercises. In the book- How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT, the explanation of the answer is as important or more important than the answer itself.

By doing this the reader will be able to check their progress and at the same time keep track of the explanation behind their answer. The practice section of the book consists of questions banking and business management related to competitive exams.

Questions that have appeared in past question papers, intermixed with the authors personally designed questions to test the readers understanding of core concepts. Possessing thorough knowledge and understanding of this book will arm the reader with all the complexities of the logical reasoning section.

Arun Sharma is a distinguished and venerable gentleman in the field of mathematics and its related sub-fields. He was born inat the cusp of India gaining independence. He has had a long and illustrious career as a renowned mathematician.

His educational qualifications substantiate his eminent standing in the mathematical community. The author went further ahead with his studies and completed his post-graduate studies in mathematics from Delhi University.Please complete the steps to help our experts guide you get right career. Plan your career with us. Thank you for your interest. Please leave your information to get the best suggested colleges and free counseling.

Get suggested colleges and free counseling. The CAT has various sections from which questions are asked, and the logical reasoning section is one that can be a major scoring section or the one that could reduce your percentile by a lot. The correct way to prepare for this section will help you get a good score and thus get a good percentile in the CAT Examination.

With a good score, you would cross the first barrier to entering your dream B-school. CAT exam includes 3 sections which are verbal reasoning, data interpretation logical reasoning, and quantitative ability. The candidates have to interpret the results of the questions given by understanding the patterns, sequences, or the relationship between two or more aspects.

Candidates who score well in other sections except logical reasoning would not get a call from IIMs as they consider it a very important section. So, the candidate must prepare for the logical reasoning section to get higher chances of acceptance in an IIM. To prepare for the logical reasoning of the CAT exam, the candidates should go through the exam pattern, syllabus and get a gist of what and how many questions are going to be asked.

Analysing the CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus, we have found that the questions framed are limited to a few topics under reasoning questions. By applying natural human instincts and logic, candidates can answer the CAT logical reasoning questions as per the syllabus in an easy manner. The puzzles that appear on the CAT Logical Reasoning require better thinking and a broader power to understand and reason.

Our advice is for candidates to keep practicing and improving their skills with more logical reasoning topics that appear on the syllabus. Look for tips and tricks from toppers and experts and refer to the best Local Reasoning Cat Books to answer better. Logical Reasoning was not considered an important section by the candidates until the late s. The candidate can take up to 30 minutes to finish the logical reasoning section if they have a thorough understanding of the complexities of the reasoning problems.

If the candidates enjoy brain teasers, this section would be very enjoyable to solve. Since they do not involve memorizing different formulae or facts, this section can be easy to score. For the candidates to prepare for the logical reasoning of the CAT exam, the following tips are provided below to help them ace the examination:.

The reference books can be used as a guide to practice the questions and develop an understanding of the types of reasoning questions that would be asked in the CAT examination. Thank you for your interest Please leave your information to get the best suggested colleges and free counseling. Interested in Distance Education too. Get Free Scholarship. Leave a comment.

Interested in Latest Educational Articles? Course Wise Entrance Exams B. No negative marking for non-MCQ answers.Anwita Dhar. The overall exam is generally of higher difficulty, and the CAT DILR section is one of the sections that a lot of candidates have difficulty attempting. This is partly due to the CAT Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning being time consuming, lengthy calculations and difficult to comprehend questions.

However, the CAT DILR section can easily be one of the most scoring sections once you develop the ability to master the sections and improve your timing and accuracy. Last year 24 questions were asked from this section compared to 26 each from other 2 sections.

Click here. Aiming to Appear for CAT ? Know Online Resources and Tips. Students often tend to jump into the preparation of random topics without establishing a proper study plan. It is important to go through the syllabus and understand the weightage of the most important topics. Therefore, plan to study your strong areas before moving on to the weak areas. This will give a confident start in preparation. Students usually solve one mock test in one month.

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This will give you the practice to increase the speed and accuracy required for solving questions from this section. This will help you identify your weak areas so that you can work on them. Direction for questions 1 — 4: Read the information given below and solve the questions based on it.

logical reasoning preparation for cat

Following table gives the result of the dueNorth soccer competition. Matches were played round robin each team playing against another once and the teams participated were Bihar, Punjab and Haryana. The table has some data missing:. What did the score card read in favor of Punjab in the Punjab-Haryana match?

How many matches did Punjab lose?

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Question: Do the coaching centers provide study material to the students? Ans: Yes, the study material is provided by the coaching centers but you need to refer to other books as well while doing your preparations.Or you might not even have started preparing for it.

Here is a 6-month study plan on how to prepare logical reasoning topics for CAT. Why did this happen? This can be due to many reasons — procrastination, lack of practice, unable to cover sufficient topics, lack of time to solve or wasted more time on one set in the exam.

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First of all, one needs to dedicate some amount of time daily to preparations, without fail. How to start preparing, we are here to help you with that. Before we begin discussion of the strategy, we should know all the possible topics, which could be asked in the exam. In addition to that, we will also categorize them into difficulty levels.

These difficulty levels are relative which means that we are categorizing these topics as easy, medium or difficult considering some of the topics as difficult. Difficult topics are those, which consume more time than other topics and require more iterations each iteration could have sub-cases to solve as well.

Further, we will also talk about their frequency in CAT.

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Some of them are most likely to be asked every year or two and some of the topics have not been asked in recent years. It would be best if you can analyze for yourself with the help of past papers as to which topics are more important and which are not. You can get them from here:. We can expect easy ones in coming years but as per the recent trend, the paper is focusing more on time management and sorting skills. Here is a strategy we can follow in the next six months to get the best output of the efforts we put in our preparations.

How to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT By Arun Sharma: 2020

As we are aware that the difficult puzzles are the new favorites in CAT, we need to start with these. The most frequent and common topics having maximum probability of being asked in CAT are Distributions, Arrangements linear and circularSelections and Cube based puzzle. Start with these topics, get through with the basics and try to practice as many questions possible. In any mock test you go for, these topics will always be there. You will need a lot of time to get yourself acquainted with the tricks, methods, assumptions to make and techniques to solve.

First month, make yourself in a comfortable position with these topics.

logical reasoning preparation for cat

Along with these topics, also study binary logic, Venn-diagram and Input-output as these are also most likely to appear in most of the mock tests. Now, as you are comfortable with frequent topics, it could be a morale booster when you appear for mocks. For the second month, complete remaining topics in difficult section namely — Games and tournaments, Networks and pipelines and new topics. New topics are a kind of old topics spin-off and so if you are comfortable with old ones, new ones will not be difficult to solve.

Along with these topics, go for difficult part of the difficult topics. For example, a distribution problem involving 8 persons, each from a different country wearing a different color shoe and speak a different language.

logical reasoning preparation for cat

This is just one example for difficult part of difficult topics and there are many such situations. By the end of second month, you should try to get familiar all difficult level topics along with few other mentioned and the advance part of it.

By the end of the second month, you should be familiar with majority of the topics as mentioned before and practicing well. In month three, you should complete all the remaining topics from all difficulty levels. The third month calls for getting in-depth understanding of all the topics and acquainted with the techniques to solve them.

Now, we need to focus on the timing factor. As we know, CAT is all about time management.Logical reasoning and data interpretation section has proved to be a tough nut to crack in the recent years.

The level of questions has skyrocketed over the years. Also, the demarcation between logical reasoning and data interpretation has almost vanished in the recent CATs. On going through the previous year papers of CAT and CAT question paperswe can clearly see how the difficulty level of the section has increased drastically. The emphasis is now on cracking the logic rather than on calculation speed.

Take these changes into consideration while planning their preparation. Excellent Offers for CAT Since the time available is limited, opting for CAT online preparation can help to fast-track the preparation process. Also, take CAT online mock tests at regular intervals to ensure that the preparation stays on track. CAT Previous year papers. Logical Reasoning Free Practice Questions. We hope that this article would have helped you know how to prepare for logical reasoning for CAT.

For more useful articles, try reading how to prepare for verbal ability for CAT and how to prepare for reading comprehension for CAT. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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logical reasoning preparation for cat

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