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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. FlexShopper has a consumer rating of 3. Consumers satisfied with FlexShopper most frequently mention customer service, cynthia rodriguez and billing department. FlexShopper ranks 17th among Marketplace sites. This company responds to reviews on average within 2 days. I've used Flex Shopper a number of times over the past two years, and my experience with them has always been great.

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When I moved two years ago, Flex shopper allowed me to be able to get some really quality furniture and a new, much needed laptop for grad school. The weekly payments are manageable and reasonable.

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They are extremely attentive and helpful at all stages of the process. You have an actual person to assist you throughout your lease. My account manager, Cynthia, is fantastic. Product is perfect but the customer service sucks ass. I called them at on to find out why I was getting charged for an order I cancelled. I got the run around and was transferred to 6 different people and then was left on hold till after 9 just to realize they are now closed.

So I was on hold for 35 minutes just for them to leave me on hold and walk their ass away. Needless to say their hours are 9am to 9pm don't call an hour before they close cause you will get the run around. This was the case with my laptop, and I was able to get the exact model I wanted. Talked on the phone with agent, Jules, about an account issue and he solved my problem right away! My available balance showed correctly, but when I put something in the cart it showed incorrectly.

The problem was Safari browser. He instructed me to change from Safari browser to Chrome browser then it showed and allowed for checkout correctly just by changing browsers.

Great job with customer service in a friendly, helpful, accurate and prompt manner, Jules! I purchased 4 items and sent one back Daybed because it wasn't made properly. Today, I called to pay off 3 of the items and a nice gentleman named Jewels assisted me. I was pleased with his help. I gave a 4 star because the return of the day bed is not showing as returned on my account. Also, the website needs to be updated so you can see the balance due and to be able to pay it off on the website.

Other than those thing I am pleased so far. I needed a mattress and it turns out i could have bought it outright since day one, but wanted to make sure i had cash on hand, i was moving and it was a financial stress. It let me have what i wanted earlier and for a fair price. Their customer service was awesome and im mad grateful they exist.

Total sham!Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission.

is flexpay legit

Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. As cases surge across the country, more than half of U.

is flexpay legit

Many retailers have begun selling non-medical masks and masks with extra protection, like insertable filters or antimicrobial material s. Another new protective trend? Face shields. Shields comprise an often curved plate of plastic that hovers over the face, held in place by an adjustable strap worn around the head.

Face shields range in style and design, from tinted plastic covers to baseball hats with a shield addition. But do you need a face shield?

GameStop's new FlexPay leasing program seems like a giant scam

Are they more effective than masks? Should you get one? How to buy the right face shield Best face shields to shop. Face shields basically involve curved plastic that protects your eyes or face from infection. Shields are also often used for safety in hardware and home improvement projects.

Face shields can block large particulates from getting into your eyes and mouth, said McKnight. Wearing a face shield may make you less likely to touch your face with unwashed — and potentially contaminated — hands, too.

Face shields can be an additional layer of protection against COVID, along with wearing a face mask, practicing safe social distancing and washing your hands regularly. Shields do not replace face masks, as they do not fit to your face and effectively block respiratory droplets from the air around you, said Suyama. Experts agree the face shields should be worn only with a face mask, not on their own.

A study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene did find face shields reduced exposure to inhaling cough droplets by up to 96 percent. But the author, William Lindsley, a research biomedical engineer at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, previously told NBC News cloth masks do a better job protecting you against a virus.

Shields can also be bulkier than masks, said McKnight, making it more uncomfortable for the wearer and consequently more likely for them to take it off. Most face shields are made with plastic, though some materials can be more rigid than others, and some are more scratch-resistant.FlexPay Service is designed to allow you to view your daily usage, receive notifications and make smaller payments as often as you would like or as your budget allows.

Non-Residential Demand or Time of Use accounts are not eligible. FlexPay accounts are not eligible for and will not be considered for credit extensions or payment arrangments.

is flexpay legit

FlexPay accounts cannot be levelized. FlexPay accounts cannot be on bank draft, credit card draft or auto pay. FlexPay accounts cannot have a heat pump loan. Energy Assistance payments will be applied to the FlexPay account once payment is received. Pledges will not be accepted to keep service on. Existing customers wishing to convert to FlexPay, will have existing deposits if applicable applied toward any outstanding balance with the remaining credit if applicable applied to the FlexPay account.

Citi Flex Pay Allows Monthly Payments on Big Amazon Purchases

FlexPay accounts do not receive paper statements bills. Daily FlexPay account history usage, charges and payments will be available via the internet at www. You are solely responsible for checking your account balance online. If your contact information is not current, you will not receive notifications and service be disconnected without further notice.

Payments may also be made by e-check, credit or debit card by logging into your FlexPay account at www. You can also pay over the phone by calling An account is subject to disconnection any time it does not have a credit balance, including inclement weather conditions. At any time, you may elect to convert your account back to a regular post-paid service. However, at the time FEPB will require full payment of a deposit and any unpaid amount in the debt recovery as a condition of continued service.

If an account is disconnected and does not become active again after 7 days, the account will be considered inactive and will be terminated.Plus, purchase options may be available. After being approved, shop with one of our partners for leaseable items.

Approvals are good for 30 days. Make monthly, biweekly or weekly payments, based on your income frequency. Apply today and get what you want with no credit required. Apply Now. Start a lease today and take advantage of multiple opportunities for ownership. Great customer service. Very easy to get financing for name brand tires. I appreciate this company providing decent least terms. I was able to finance 4 new tires when I needed them, and in less than a year paid them off.

It was very easy and they were very fast and friendly have been back many times they are great. Deacon Herbert W. This was the easiest and most simple financing I have ever worked with. Thank you for the service you provide. Elizabeth G. Ordering was easy and merchandise delivered fast.

Nancy M Hernandez A. The best customer service and fast response! Great people helped me asap. Carmen M. Muy buena experiencia.

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I have had a fantastic experience with this company. If I ever need tires or rims I will definitely use Tempe Great program.

Happy with the product and service. Very easy,convenient process.

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I needed quality tools really fast and Tempoe pulled through. Received what I ordered on time and as described. Excellent company and I will continue to be a loyal customer. They were very accommodating. I lost my job and they refunded me a payment to help me out. The live chat agent was very professional and super friendly. Easy to use, fast results!

Got an answer rite away bout 2 mins over all took 10 minutes out the door with great customer service. Introduction to Waterfall Payment Solutions. TEMPOE is an active participant in waterfall solutions, where we help secure customers that need attention beyond t I sincerely hope you and yAfter the birth of her son, Lauren Hynds wanted a way to work out that would be easy enough to manage while caring for a newborn.

That's when she saw ads for Peloton, the workout bike with the cult following.

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A talk with a few friends who raved about their bikes and some online research convinced her and her husband to buy one of their own. Then they learned that Peloton offers low-interest financing through the financial technology company Affirm. Called point-of-sale loans, these financing options allow customers to buy products online now and pay later, typically over monthly installments. These loans aren't new, but recently they have been spreading to more and more retailer websiteswhere they're touted as lower-interest alternatives to credit cards.

And indeed, that was what appealed to Hynds. Each loan company is different, but typically, you'll apply for the financing option online when you check out and be approved or denied almost instantaneously. Afterpay — which is used by popular retailers including Anthropologie, Forever 21, Tarte Cosmetics, Reformation, Levi's, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and more — says that it does not charge interest or any other fees if customers pay on time.

You pay for your purchase biweekly. With Affirmwhich is used by retailers like Peloton, Warby Parker, Casper and Wayfair, you make monthly payments for three, six or 12 months, or sometimes longer, depending on the retailer. The companies allow users to set up automatic payments and send notifications when the payments are coming due. Hynds said she set up auto pay and receives a text message a day or two before each month's payment, which gives her peace of mind.

The process isn't always so easy, as Consumer Reports detailed. Dana Marineau, VP and financial advocate at Credit Karma, tells CNBC Make It that consumers should review their budgets before adding another expense and sleep on a big purchase before pulling the trigger.

These terms vary depending on the retailer and the loan provider it uses. Make sure you know what the consequences will be if you miss a payment and plan ahead for the worst-case scenario. You'll also want to make sure you know each retailer's policy for returns or reimbursement. Under federal law you have chargeback rights with credit card purchases, meaning if you receive something that is defective or not as advertised, you can get reimbursed.

But that's not the case for these financing options. It might be a better option than racking up debt on a credit card, the average interest rate of which is currently It may be good for those who carry balances.

Although citi is abusing the "flex" name in multiple products now. They've been kind of annoying about it with prompts on the splash page after logging in.

Mailers being sent out weekly. It's not all that special of a feature either in comparison though everyone is jumping on this silly installment option. Chase has been doing it though the longest with their blueprint feature going back at least 10 years.

Yeah, it's an option for some but, do you really want to use your revolving CL as an installment loan?

Sure messes with the 's when it comes to the points on your score.

Should you buy a face shield? Here's what the experts say.

Whenever I log in I get assaulted by promos for the Citi savings accounts lol. No Flex offers or BTs I did activate the offer as it's nice to have if I want to take advantage of it. Citi Flex Plan is a new optional feature that allows you to make a purchase or take a loan against your card's credit limit and pay it off over a set number of monthly payments. You choose whether or not to take advantage of this new feature.

The pages following this letter describe changes to your Card Agreement, including a new APR for this feature. Whether you choose to use Citi Flex Plan or not, you can still use your Citi credit card to make purchases and other transactions, the same way you do today.

Additional details regarding Flex Plan will be provided in future communications. We call this a grace period on purchases. There's no grace period on Balance Transfers and Cash Advances. This means you'll pay interest on Balance Transfers and Cash Advances from the date these Transactions post to your Account.

This will cause you to pay off that Citi Flex Plan balance before the end of its repayment period and may result in an amount remaining due on your next billing statement for the other balance, increasing your Adjusted New Balance on your next billing statement.

You can see your balances and their corresponding APRs on your statement. By comparison, I think that Amex Plan-It is a better option? I think it is a matter of time when other banks will be offering something. Flex plan is taking out loan against your CL, they will deposit the amount into your bank account. Flex pay is pay large purchase in installment. Amex plan it is more like flex pay.

At least for me, if I ever use it, flex pay is better because citi's rate is only 6. Skip Navigation.

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Forum Topics. Sign In Help. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.The bottom line: Klarna may be a fit for borrowers who are shopping for a big-ticket item and can comfortably afford the monthly payments. Klarna offers point-of-sale loans for online and in-store purchases through its mobile app. Founded in Sweden inKlarna has expanded to 17 countries and serves 90 million shoppers.

Its financing model is similar to companies like Afterpay and Affirmwhich also provide short-term loans at checkout.

is flexpay legit

There is no penalty for making a payment early or paying off your balance in full before the final due date. Another interest-free Klarna payment plan is Pay in Instead of paying at checkout, shoppers have 30 days after the item has shipped to pay for their purchase. Since you pay only for what you keep, this allows online shoppers to try before they buy, according to the company. Klarna also offers a Pay Now option. Lastly, Klarna offers a traditional loan option available at select retailers.

The APR for standard purchases is Amount due at checkout. Late fee. Pay in 4. Pay four equal installments, due every two weeks. First installment your balance divided by four.

No interest. Pay in Pay nothing for 30 days, then pay the full balance. Pay Now. Pay with your debit or credit card through the Klarna app. Full balance. Pay with a loan ranging from months. Paying cash is always cheaper than financing a purchase. Look specifically for a payment plan that charges little to no interest. In this case, the Pay in 4 or the Pay in 30 plans would be your best bet.

Need to buy a big-ticket item. Are new to credit and do not qualify for a credit card. You may find Klarna easier to qualify for than a credit card.

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